Solve the intrinsic motivation puzzle, so you don’t demotivate co-workers

If you wish to be the person who demotivates, you could do for example the following:

Sit on your high horse and don’t bother to see any potential in the co-workers. Cut out the training budget for your personnel.

Be very selfish and always look after your own interest in all situations, don’t consider what is best for the whole team or company. Don’t ever ask what co-workers need to be able to do a good job.

Use your formal power to get others to do some of your own tedious work. If a person is below your level in hierarchy, leave always some of your work unfinished, if he/she must finish it to get his/her own work done.

If a person has done a thorough job, don’t show any appreciation whatsoever, but try to find something (even small) you can criticize him/her about.

The problem

With these kinds of habits you will lay the ground for a toxic work environment and eventually kill the motivation to work for you. It will have an impact on the bottom line. You will not only ruin others’ work environment and harm the organisation, but might also risk your future career. Co-workers, who have the possibility, will leave. It might take some time though, as motivation is intrinsic and some people will try to find ways to motivate themselves in many ways, before leaving. Those who stay will wither and/or eventually do only minimum work, as they feel cheated.

The solution

Inspire and lift others. Succeed by helping others to succeed. Tap into each individuals’ motivations. If you want to lead a modern age, co-worker centered team, and to learn how to create motivating work environments, there is a tool: ReissMotivation profile – for individuals and groups. There are open trainings at Informator, which can also be tailored for teams (in English, Swedish and Finnish).

Aila Kekkonen
Är en av Informators expertlärare inom Ledarskap och håller kursen M1714 - Motivationsprofiler för individ och grupp

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