Veckans gästbloggare: Jonathan Worthington, software architect & programming mentor

Welcome to my guest week posting on the Informator blog! I've been teaching various
courses for Informator for almost two years now, and these days I have the fortune of
developing and teaching courses on a bunch of technologies that I genuinely enjoy
working with. This is important; I couldn't give my classes the energy I do were it
not for really thinking the technologies I teach are worthwhile. In my posts this
week, I want to explore various technologies that have really made a difference to
my development in recent years - because I think they may be useful to you in yours

Oh, and who am I?
I'm Jonathan. Originally from England, and having spent some time in sunny Spain
and beautiful Slovakia, I'm now based in lovely Sweden. My work is pretty varied;
I teach a few courses a month and am involved in developing new courses, but am
also in close contact with the realities of day to day development work thanks to
my other assignments. I serve as a mentor to various development teams, particularly
in the area of software architecture. I am also a very active open source contributor,
working on the Perl 6 compiler - something that gives me an excuse to travel to lots
of conferences around the world, hang out with developers and give some talks about
the shiny new technology I'm working on.

When I'm not working, I like to travel, particularly to mountains but also to cool
or historical cities. You'll often find me visiting an Indian restaurant for a meal,
or enjoying a few pints of a good beer - preferably a stout.


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